Constitution  & Rules of Harrow & District Women’s Bowling Association (Amended 2015)


(1)  The name of the Association shall be Harrow & District Women’s Bowling Association.

(2)  Objects

           (a) To promote and safeguard the interests of the Member Clubs and in that cause to further co-operation between Clubs.

           (b) To conduct Bowling Competitions and other Functions.

           (c) To take part in Bowling Matches against Associations and Clubs.

(3)  Membership

Membership of the Association shall be open to all Bowling Club members playing on public or private greens, the number of Clubs to be at the Executive Committee's discretion.

An application for membership shall state the name of the club and the names of it’s officers. The membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee and be payable on admission and thereafter at the first Delegates meeting of the year.

(4)  Management

The Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee composed  of the Honorary Office bearers

(a) President (b) Deputy President (c) Immediate Past President (d) General Secretary (e) Treasurer (f) Match Secretary (g) Competition Secretary (h) One accredited delegate from each club. No delegate may be a member of more than one club. No Officer may hold more than one post except in extenuating circumstances.A substitute Delegate should be appointed to carry out the duties in case of absence or illness. President holding Office for one year except in extenuating circumstances. Past Presidents may attend Delegates meetings but without power to vote.

The Executive Committee shall have regard to the discussions and representations of the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting and may depute to a sub-committee the management of and specific duty subject to control by the Executive Committee.               

(5)  Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January. Fourteen days notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be  issued by the Association Secretary to the Secretary of each Member Club and to the Executive Committee. Those eligible to attend and vote shall be one accredited Delegate from each Member Club. Other members of Member Clubs may attend but without power to vote. The meeting shall consider the report of the Secretary, the audited accounts of the Treasurer and any other business properly arising and shall elect officers (see paragraph 4 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) and (g) and Honorary Auditors for the ensuring year.  Any Club may make nominations for the respective officers and any nominations should be sent to the Secretary by October 31st.  Voting for Officers shall be by paper ballot with President having the casting vote.

(6)  Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time for a purpose only (a) at the instance of the Executive Committee or (b) on receipt to the Secretary of a requisition from a majority of the Member Clubs stating the proposition to be Submitted. Fourteen days notice of the meeting shall be issued as under paragraph 5. Those eligible to attend shall be as under paragraph 5.

(7)  Records and Accounts

The Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at all meetings. She shall submit a report at each Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer shall render a duly audited account of the receipts and payments for the year ending November 30th.

(8)  Quorum

At any meeting referred to in paragraphs 5 and 6 or at any subsequent meeting one-third of the maximum possible number of eligible representatives shall constitute a quorum. A minimum of two members in a sub- committee.

(9)  Conditions of Games

All games shall be played under the laws of the Middlesex County Women’s  Bowling Association.

(10) Assets, Custody and Disposal

The custody of the assets of the Association shall be vested in the President, Treasurer and Secretary. In the event of the Association being dissolved the assets shall be disposed of as determined by the General Meeting at which the dissolution is decided upon.

(11) Alteration of Constitution and Rules

Alteration of Constitution and Rules may be made at:

      (a)Annual General Meeting

      (b)An Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. Any Club desiring such an alteration or addition must through the Secretary send to the Association     Secretary written notice specifying the proposed change. Such notice to be sent before October 31st if for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. No such proposal shall be deemed to have passed unless at least two-thirds of the vote are in favour.

(12) Severance of Membership

It shall be within the powers of the Harrow and District Women’s Bowling Association Executive Committee, after investigation of the facts, to suspend the membership of any club. A Club shall have right of appeal before the Executive Committee.


(13) Dress Regulation

  1. Either White or Cream Blazer  OR
  2. White or Cream fleece or cardigan with Association badge.
  3. Harrow & District shirt preferable
  4. White or Cream tailored or cropped trousers or REGULATION  skirt.
  5.  REGULATION shoes for bowling.  Sandals at your own risk.  NO flip-flops at any time.
  6. White Hat/Baseball Cap with no Logos . Visors may be worn.
  7. Colour of shoes/sandals – white, cream, navy blue or black.